Our Services

Ongoing Program Management & Evaluation

Ongoing Program Management & Evaluation is the continuous process of monitoring a clients benefit or retirement offering.  We ensure that all policies and procedures are current, effective and compliant with the goal to reduce plan risk and increase organizational adherence.

Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Compliance monitoring and reporting refers to the ongoing monitoring and reporting to our clients on their benefits and retirement programs.  We regularly evaluate our client’s programs against current governance and regulatory requirements, reporting back to them with recommendations.

Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking analysis is a specific type of market research that compares your existing benefits or retirement offering against regional and/or industry competitors.  From the results we provide recommendations that fit your goals for your specific offering.

Plan Design & Implementation

Each plan design, whether a benefits or retirement plan, encompasses various components that determine the coverage, costs, limitations, and requirements associated with the plan. 
We help our clients innovate and tailor a specific plan design to meet their needs.  Once the plan design has been determined we develop an implementation strategy to meet specific goals and ensure a
successful offering.

Vendor Selection & Management

Vendor selection and management is a vital part of your benefits
or retirement plan.  As with many other industries, the marketplace for benefits and retirement plans is ever changing.  The services, products, and innovations of each vendor directly impact the plan and employee/member experience.  

Loscher & Company offers vendor selection and management services to oversee these processes, and to ensure that your
organization chooses the right vendor for your business.  Through proven vendor audits and management, we are able to not only save our clients money, but to also improve the quality of their employee/member experience.


Communication & Employee Education

Employee communication and education is essential for the success of any benefits or retirement plan. We partner with our clients to provide various channels of communication and education to their employees in efficient and  cost-effective ways.